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Global Leadership Council

  • Global Chairman

    Christian Wulff

    Former President of Germany Attorney-at-law
  • Founding Chairman

    Carlos Magariños

    Former UNIDO Director General
  • Secretary-General

    Frank Cao


  • Global Advisor

    Jean-Pierre Raffarin

    Former Prime Minister of France

    Yukio Hatoyama

    Former Prime Minister of Japan


  • Senior Vice Chairmen

    Rui Duarte de Barros

    Former Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau

    Raul Diez Canseco Terry

    Former Vice President of Peru

    Carl Dieter Spranger

    Former Minister German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

    Kurt Bodewig

    Former Federal Minister for Transport Infrastructure and Housing and President of German Road Safety Association
  • Patricia Espinosa Cantellano

    Former Secretary Foreign Affairs, Mexico
  • Ronald Bew

    Former Associate Deputy Administrator U.S. Small Business Administration
  • William Spitler

    Former Director New York Center of US Department of Commerce
  • Vice Chairmen

    He Weiwen

    Former Commercial Counselor Consulate-General of the P.R. China in NY

    Jin Xiangzuo

    President of World Packaging Center Group

    Farid Murad

    President Sao Paulo Chamber of Commerce, Brazil
  • Deputy Secretary-General



    Claudia Frasson