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Global Investment Promotion (Cambodia)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia     April 17th to 20th, 2017

Cambodia is an important country along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, registering the fastest economic growth among Asian countries. Its inviting business and investment environment have attracted people from across the globe, who become highly interested in investing in Cambodia and establishing cooperation with Cambodia enterprises. With the Consultative Status with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, GASME takes the responsibility in facilitating global investment and trade. Thus, GASME launches this event in order to help Chinese enterprises know more about investing in Cambodia and provide precious business opportunities for potential cooperation between Chinese and Cambodian entrepreneurs.

1. Hosts/Organizers/Co-Organizers

Global Alliance of SMEs (GASME)
Federation of Association for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of Cambodia (FASMEC)

Asia Pacific International Trading Holding Co. Ltd

Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia
Khmer-Chinese Association in the Kingdom Of Cambodia
Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce

2. Participants

Entrepreneurs with intents to invest in Cambodia are welcome to take part in this event.

3. Schedule

A tentative schedule, starting from April 17th to 20th, is as follows:

Date Activities
April 17th
Flight to Phnom Penh from Shanghai (Pudong International Airport)
April 18th
A.M.: Phnom Penh City Tour
P.M.: Exchanges between Chinese and Cambodian Entrepreneurs
P.M.: Welcome Banquet
April 19th
A.M.: Welcome Session by Cambodian Leaders
A.M.: Introduction to Cambodian Business Environment
P.M.: Introduction to High Quality Investment Programs in Cambodia
April 20th
A.M: Visit the Diamond Island City in Phnom Penh
P.M.: Visit the High-Tech Industrial Parks in Phnom Penh
P.M.: Farewell Dinner and Flight to Shanghai

4. Business Activities

○ Welcome Session by Cambodian Leaders and Introduction to Cambodian Business Environment
The Prime Minister of Cambodia (or the deputy Prime Minister) will join our event to welcome our Chinese delegation and deliver an address. After the address, an introduction session on the business environment in Cambodia will be held. Cambodian Minister of Commerce, Chinese Business Counselor in Cambodia and Head of the Phnom Penh Branch of the Bank of China will be invited to share with Chinese delegates on topics of Cambodian general business environment, investment in Cambodia and favorable policies on loans for Chinese entrepreneurs investing in Cambodia. Additionally, Chinese entrepreneurs who have successfully invested in Cambodia will be invited to share their experiences and insights.

○ Introduction to High Quality Investment Programs in Cambodia
High quality investment programs in Cambodia will be introduced and presented in this session, offering opportunities for Chinese and Cambodia entrepreneurs to communicate face-to-face on potential cooperation. Cambodia is a politically and economically stable and secure country with rich natural and human resources. People under the age of 35 account for 72% of its total population. Cambodia highly welcomes foreign investors with its favorable policies provided. Such an inviting investment destination greatly attracts many Chinese entrepreneurs, who are in need of a batch of high quality programs for their potential investment.

○ Exchanges between Chinese and Cambodian Entrepreneurs and Welcome Banquet
Currently, Chinese enterprises are still at the starting phase, with a substantial number of companies “unwilling”, “not daring”, and “not knowing how” to go global. Only with a thorough and deep understanding of the investment environment and rules in investment countries can Chinese enterprises achieve better development in the overseas market. Exchanges between Chinese and Cambodian Entrepreneurs aim to help Chinese enterprises solve difficulties of gathering effective information, obtaining international financing and preventing unknown risks that they may encounter when they invest in Cambodia. The Welcome Banquet will involve traditional singing and dancing in Cambodia, enabling Chinese entrepreneurs to get a taste of the Cambodian flavor.

○ Visits to the Diamond Island City and High-Tech Industrial Parks in Phnom Penh
Shaped like a diamond, Diamond Island City attracts investors both home and abroad for its exceptional environment. It is an ideal place for building a comprehensive development zone integrating business, economy, culture and tourism. The High-Tech Industrial Park, launched by the former Cambodian government leaders, is designed to become a hub for high-tech industries in the Southeast Asia.

For more information, please contact gasmechina@163.com or 021-50815731.